Legal Counsel for Legacy Builders


Are You A Legacy Builder?

Some people work jobs. Others build legacies. 

As a legacy builder, you have legal needs that others don't.

You know, deep down, that your growth is built on your network and your relationships.  

But you also know the ironclad corollary: relationships introduce risk. They're a double-edged sword. 

We're here to help you capture those opportunities while mitigating that risk.

Dedicated to Business Law

Your businesses are your lifeblood. 

You don't have time for the slow, grinding pace of law, and you certainly don't have time for a lawyer who takes three weeks to call you back. 

Deals are pending, but the paperwork needs to be in order. The operating agreement needs to be written, the contract reviewed and revised. 

You don't have time to wait. You need a law firm that is geared toward getting your business done.

You've Come to the Right Place...

We are a boutique firm. 

We understand that we have limited bandwidth, and only so many hours in the day.

We keep our engagements purposefully limited. 

We provide top-tier service to an intentionally short list of clients, and we make sure that our service delivery is over-the-top.

You will never hear from us that we are in court, on trial, or otherwise too busy to get your matter done.